• “Aim High” is a school-based mentoring program started in the Sheffield City School System in 2001 and funded by the State Dept. of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention to assist the students at Sheffield who have not yet reached their full potential. We work alongside and follow the guidelines of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Shoals.  SCS is the only program of its kind in Colbert County!

    Sheffield City Schools is committed to helping students succeed. Our students are our future leaders.  We know our mentoring program can assist young Bulldogs to be all they can be! 

Contact Information

  • If you have a student you feel could benefit from having a mentor, please contact me-Teresa Tucker by email at ttucker@scs.k12.al.us.

    My office is at the high school, any correspondence may be sent to me there.

    We have some awesome high school mentors who are ready to make a difference in the lives of your students!

    Aim High Mentoring

What is a mentor?

  • Answer: Mentors are good listeners, who care, and want to help young people bring out their strengths and achieve his or her full potential.

    Aim High Mentoring

Does mentoring make a difference?

  • Answer:  Yes!!!

    According to the National Mentoring Partnership, mentored teens are 46% less likely to get into drugs, 59% more likely to get better grades, and 73% more likely to set and reach goals.

    Aim High Mentoring

What does a mentor provide?

  • Answer: A mentor, is a positive a role model who is willing to provide friendship and support to a young person as well as help them achieve more success in school and in life.

What is a school-based mentor?

  • A school-based mentor is simply a high school student or an adult from the community who commits to a full school year as a mentor for a younger student.

    High school students have a lot to offer as volunteers: energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and so much more. Younger students look up to and admire high school students, and relate easily to mentors who are also still in school. Especially important: their self-esteem is boosted by having a special friend.

What do matches do together?

  • The most important thing a mentor can do for a Little is to be a friend, listen, give advice if asked and most importantly have fun making a difference in the child’s life.

    Here are just a few activities that a mentor might do with a child:

    • Do homework in the library
    • Play a game in the gym
    • Read a book together
    • Talk about themselves and their family while getting the younger student to do the same
    • Enjoy a hobby or play board games
    • Work on a puzzle
    • Draw pictures or create something amazing

    Mentors visit their Mentee once a week at the child’s school. The average session with a child will last 30 min-45 min a week.