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Sheffield Jr. High Accountability Team Performs Weekly Surprise Inspections

Sheffield City Schools has partnered with TVA and Sheffield Utilities to find ways to reduce energy costs while making our classrooms brighter, safer, and happier places to learn and grow.   This program has been developed by TVA’s EnergyRight Team.  They have launched School Uplift:  A Strategic Energy Management Program. 

PlanningSchool Uplift is designed to help public schools make smart energy choices that improve the classroom learning environment and save money through decreased energy use. 

One such project is taking place at Sheffield Jr. High School.  This project deals with Energy awareness.  The Sheffield Jr. High Accountability Team performs weekly surprise inspections after school to see how well the teachers and staff powered down. The team records progress and keeps a monitoring log of all energy consumption and leaves a door hanger to let the teachers/staff know how they are doing.

door handleStudents check to see that classroom lights are off, the heating and air are set at 68 degrees or higher and that computer monitors, printers, and personal appliances are off.  They also make sure that ventilation units are free of obstruction, doors are closed, and windows and blinds are closed.

The results are analyzed and the teacher who has been consistently great at powering down receives a reward.

That’s one way Sheffield City Schools is participating in School Uplift.  During the course of this school year, we’ll provide more information about other great things we are doing to save energy.