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WA. Threadgill Primary School Students Learn How Energy Gets Things Done

EnergyTPS’s librarian, Mrs. Bevis is giving students an introductory lesson about the uses of energy.  This lesson is part of the TVA Energy Project, School Uplift, that is taking place throughout the school district.  Mrs. Bevis is using the book, Energy: Heat, Light, and Fuel written by Darlene Stille.  The book introduces the reader to how energy gets things done, where energy comes from, how energy works for us, stored and working energy, and how to save energy.

Mrs. Bevis expanded this lesson to include a brief discussion about how the dams in our area create waterfalls along the Tennessee River to generate electric energy - a point brought out in the book. In later lessons the students will discuss in greater detail how the dams operate and elaborate on the Tennessee Valley Authority and its vital role in our every day.