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SCS teams with TVA and Sheffield Utilities to save energy

Sheffield City Schools has implemented a Strategic Energy Management Initiative called School Uplift which is part of TVA’s EnergyRight program.  We are partnering with TVA and Sheffield City Utilities to learn how Sheffield City Schools can use energy and utilities wisely and save money.

Our goal is to educate students, staff, and our community about what we can do to find ways to reduce energy costs while making our classrooms brighter, safer, and happier places to learn and grow.  Currently, several projects are underway to get the message out.

Soon, your child will bring home activities and assignments that are designed to make everyone more aware about how to make better energy decisions.  You can help by working as a family to discuss how to be energy-conscious and at the same time, save some of your hard earned money. 

In addition, we will be sharing videos and information about programs and projects taking place in our schools to support the School Uplift Initiative. 

It is all of our responsibility to be good stewards of our resources and finances.  At Sheffield City Schools, we have made a commitment to meet that responsibility.